Manufactures of Distinct Quality & Precision Engineering Products

PWS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is an  international supplier of Engineering solutions, CNC Machining, Precision Engineering and Advance Surface Engineering, to customers in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Australia

With our excellent Knowledge and experience of working with clients in the  Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Marine and Aerospace and Generation Industries (amongst others) we are confident that we have the skills and ability to provide you with the high quality manufacturing solutions that you require.

We provide comprehensive high end support with over 40years of experience in manufacturing of high precision components.

Our commitment is to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring quality components with exceptional lead times and on time delivery.

        Delivering Dedication   |   Empowering Excellence   |   Providing Precision

Thin Dense Chromium

    PWS's Thin Dense Chromium coating is applied through an electro coating process. It is an extremely hard precision coating applied to metal under rigid quality controls to produce amazing wear and corrosion-resistant surfaces.

    Our Aluminum coating was developed to meet the challenge of protection for ALL aluminum alloys.


Energy - Oil and Gas

PWS state of the art modern facilities enable us to service virtually any and all aspect of the Oil and Gas Sector where high precision engineering and manufacturing of components are core elements of your requirements the world over...

High Precission Engineering

Where high precision engineering and fabrication are your requirement, rest assured PWS have the collective experience in providing service in areas such as Aerospace, Manufacturing of machine tools, precision grinding turning of high tech equipment...


PWS are a worldwide supplier of aluminum, alloy, carbon, stainless and nickel alloy open die forgings, forged rolled rings, hubs and shafts. Our specialty services include altering the strength and hardness of the metal forging.